Current development guidelines for wireless headsets

Column:Industry News Time:2020-01-18
At present, it seems that the speed and price of wireless headsets are popular, and sound quality and battery life are related.

ess headsets. At present, it seems that the speed and price of wireless headsets are popular, and sound quality and battery life are related.

Price: The companies that launch wireless headsets currently have manufacturers such as Apple and Sony. However, the overall price is still high. The most well-known of them is that Apple ’s Airpods wireless headphones cost up to USD160; Sony has a higher price, and Sony ’s WF-1000X / NM costs USD200. This price is already the price of an Android mid-range flagship phone. Can spend USD160 to buy a pair of products with lower current sound quality than wired. Obviously, consumer groups also have the ability to consume wired headphones with better sound quality. So if the price can't continue to drop, wireless headphones will not be the first choice for target groups. To this end, Topwelltech has introduced a cost-effective wireless headset with a unit price of USD6, using self-developed technology to improve performance as much as possible while reducing costs.

Wireless headset application scenarios

Endurance: Endurance is a problem that wireless headphones need to solve. At present, most of the solutions on the market are that the product comes with a headset box, which realizes the function of storage and charging. The wired headset does not have a short board for battery life. Who has heard that the wired headset needs to be charged? Wireless earphones cannot be used when they are out of power, which leads to a decline in actual use time; wired earphones can be used immediately without any endurance problems. Although Topwelltech's wireless headphones can be used for 4 hours on a single charge, in theory there is no perfect solution.

Sound quality: Although the sound quality varies from person to person, objectively speaking, wireless headphones are not as good as wired headphones in terms of transmission. During the transmission process of wireless earphones, the sound source undergoes two conversions when the transmission signal is converted several times, and the quality declines; the wireless transmission will lag, which will cause the transmission quality to decrease. In addition, due to power, volume and other reasons, the wireless headset's final effect is not satisfactory. However, I believe that with the development of technology and the adjustment of the company, wireless headphones are expected to achieve better progress in the future.

In terms of price, the wireless headset market also needs to use affordable products (the unit price of A6S, D015, J3 and other products do not exceed USD13) to expand the market and promote the development of wireless. In use scenarios, wireless headsets are still in demand in sports, business, etc., so as long as there is a market, the product will definitely be expanded

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