What is the impact of the arrival of the 5G era on the purchase of security cameras?
Column:Industry News Time:2019-10-07
the smart security model in the form of AI+ security has gradually become an important part of empowering the entire traditional security industry. means.

In the process of commercialization of artificial intelligence, along with its gradual shift to a more subdivided vertical field and combined with specific industries, the smart security model in the form of AI+ security has gradually become an important part of empowering the entire traditional security industry. means.

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The combination of traditional security and artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies has finally produced "wisdom" and has become a promising direction for the development of next-generation security technology. Then, for the 5G technology that has suddenly heated up, "5G+Smart Security" will What beneficial improvements will it bring to the current security industry? What is the inevitability and necessity of this?

5G+ smart security, inevitably and necessary combination

The purchase of security cameras as the most important application scenario of the Internet of Things has long been widely optimistic. On the one hand, the intelligent security through AI blessing not only achieves intelligent judgment by means of sensors, edge-end cameras, etc., but also effectively reduces the problem of excessive dependence on manpower in traditional security fields and high cost. On the other hand, through intelligent means to obtain the most real-time and real-world data information in the security field, and to carry out accurate calculations, it also realizes more scientific, precise and effective control of various security service deployment, security manpower placement and public security control. This provides a strong guarantee for ensuring that security work is done at the right time and that security has been transformed from passive to active and extensive to fine.

The substantial effect of purchasing security cameras on the upgrading of the entire traditional security industry is obvious, but why has it not developed to a real large-scale development? This has something to do with the current communication technology that can't meet the needs of multi-node links and massive surveillance video transmission for smart security.

5G power security camera, the first to participate in the change will be video surveillance

As an emerging communication technology, the combination of 5G and security is inevitable and necessary, which seems to indicate that the further development of smart security will be more deeply integrated with 5G technology. But in this process of continuous integration, which specific industry links will first merge with 5G and be deeply changed? This issue is worth thinking about.

From the perspective of the entire security industry, security mainly includes intelligent monitoring systems, anti-theft alarm systems, intelligent access control, infrared perimeter alarm systems, electronic fences, smart door locks, etc. Among them, video surveillance accounts for half of the entire security market. The market accounts for 49%. From the perspective of volume, video surveillance is the most important part of the entire security field. In addition, since the video surveillance system involves data acquisition, transmission, storage, and final control and display during the entire monitoring process, it is the basic support of the entire security system. Many subsystems need to be combined with them to perform their functions. .

As the next generation communication technology, 5G technology first guarantees the problem of communication transmission. In the whole intelligent security link, the monitoring system based on video surveillance covers the most important data transmission link in the entire security industry, and it is also the whole. The largest and most central part of the market in the security sector.

However, according to the current sales information in the German market, the purchase of security cameras is still based on WIFI, including topwelltech's AI03 and AI04. In the era when 5G technology is still not popular, there is no doubt that WIFI camera advantages (wiring, installation, mobile) It is the biggest.