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Column:Industry News Time:2019-09-30
​Check out the latest offers and best prices for Z6 SmartWatch. Whether you are in that country, we can deliver it.

Check out the latest offers and best prices for Z6 SmartWatch. Whether you are in that country, we can deliver it.

We live in a world of gadgets, smart phones and watches that are becoming more and more difficult to differentiate in this world. The Z6 smart watch is a newcomer to Topwelltech in the field of smart watches. The latest Z6 smart watches are sure to offer many features at an affordable price. Let's take a look at the latest models here.

Z6 smart watch

Let us first summarize the advantages and disadvantages of Z6 Smart Watch.

Z6 smart watch specifications

Packed in a cylindrical box: Z6 smart watch, screen protector, USB charging cable and user manual (English). This watch is designed in a high-tech modern design and is available in three colours: white, black and silver.

The Z6 watch features a relatively large 1.3", 2.5D curved edge LCD 240 x 240 resolution capacitive screen. The resolution is enough to get good looking content on the screen.

The rubber band fits snugly on the wrist and has good manufacturing quality. The Z6 watch features a practical 0.3MP camera with video capture. This camera is ideal for taking photos or recordings on the go.

The Z6 watch runs on MediaTek's TW60 CPU with a clock frequency of 360MHz, 64MB of RAM and 132MB of ROM. If you need to, you can communicate with the manufacturer to add an extra 32GB of space to meet your media needs.

Regarding connectivity, the Z6S is ideal for communication, Bluetooth 3.0 and GSM SIM cards to make and receive calls. The Z6S smart watch is powered by a 500mAh battery, which can be used throughout the day depending on the application.

What else can the Z6 Smart watch do?

As a smart watch, you can pair with an Android or iOS device via Bluetooth. You can get information transfer, listen to music, send/receive emails and SMS, receive/call calls and browse the internet.

With the Z6 Smartwatch, you can easily operate your smartphone and its camera in real time with remote control. The Z6S is suitable for all types of activities, including sports and other outdoor activities.

It is very easy to check how many steps you need to perform from one place to another. Also check how many calories burned, for example, while running or doing your favorite exercise.

The Z6 has a very interesting smart anti-theft system that helps you keep your watch safe.

When the watch is 10-15 meters away from the smartphone, the anti-theft system will activate and sound an alarm to alert you to lost or stolen devices.

It is worth mentioning that the smart watch blood pressure (スマートウォッチ 血圧) technology and sleep monitoring application can collect your data and analyze the reference value, identify when you are sleeping and deep sleep during sleep, and send reminders accordingly. .

Z6 Smart watch what it is:

The Z6 watch is definitely high-tech hardware. It has not received awards for its design or the latest technology geeks. This is a smart watch with a compact structure and a simple structure. It has enough functions to meet the needs of ordinary consumers.

Regarding value for money, in today's age, if you buy this smart watch / smart phones hybrid technology device to increase your lifestyle, then you will not go wrong.