The reasons for the decline of the mobile phone market and its future development

Column:Industry News Time:2019-08-24
there's a few.In the European market, Topwelltch's low cost bajo costo teléfonos inteligentes smartphones stand out among the many high-priced phones.

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So, what is the reason for the shrinking mobile phone market? there's a few.

lack of innovation

In recent years, the price of high-end mobile phones has skyrocketed. In 2017, Apple broke the retail price of its iPhone X by $1,000, and Samsung's new mobile phone, the Galaxy Note 8, was also priced.

In less than a year, the $1,000 phone became awesome. Vlad of the technology website T V said this in August 2018.

Critics say there is nothing new about the price of mobile phones. All kinds of new mobile phones are just a slight improvement in the camera function, or the processor is slightly faster, which is of little practical significance for ordinary mobile phone users.

Not long ago, Huawei phones and Samsung phones announced that they would release foldable phones.

Huawei's Mate X foldable phone can be expanded up to 8 inches, can be divided into dual screens, and has a 5G bonus. The price of this phone is also impressive - 2,299 euros, equivalent to 2,600 dollars!

Even if there are people who are not short of money, they are willing to spend the money to buy a mobile phone. But is this mobile phone really exciting for the burnout world smartphone market?

Perhaps a small number of mobile phone enthusiasts will buy the phone at any cost, but if they want to have an impact in the market, the company must cut prices. Koucheva said.

They have to sell enough mobile phones.

The demand for such phones depends on its practicality.

Indeed, folding a phone is very creative, but do you really need it? Cocke said.

There is another potential problem here: Samsung delayed the release of the Galaxy Folding Phone because of the collapse of the folding screen.

Big phone, small pocket

The technology market, traditionally dominated by men, has been criticized for ignoring at least half of the market – female users. Portable appliances that were listed in the past are oversized, not considering that women's hands and clothing pockets are smaller than men's.

When Apple's mobile phone announced that the iPhone SE of the 4-inch screen would be discontinued, Caroline, the author of Invisible Women (IW), blamed Apple for failing to update "This is the only fit." Apple palm phone in female palm.

In short, the status quo of smartphones is not much better than feature phones. In Africa, India and other regions are more visible. Topwelltechltd's current feature phone market for export to Africa is also very popular. In the European market, Topwelltch's low cost bajo costo teléfonos inteligentes smartphones stand out among the many high-priced phones. At present, the mobile phone industry's response to this trend is that the sky-high price of mobile phones is not friendly to ordinary users, and the distribution is small and only the basic functions of mobile phones make it more popular for people to communicate with each other.