Chinese manufacturer topwelltech wholesale children's smart watch
Column:Industry News Time:2019-08-10
Topwelltech wholesales children's smart watches, allowing you to open the market at the most affordable price and close the deal

Children's smart watch

Children's smart watch features:

Multi-functional children's smart positioning watch, smart watch sim installation, strong compatibility and stability. Food grade silicone material, green and environmentally friendly. Battery safety, long standby, ultra low radiation value.

Product Features

1. SOS one-button alarm——Intelligently set SOS one-button help number. Simply press and hold the SOS button for 3 seconds to make a call and send an alarm message to the preset SOS number. Watch children watch the children in an emergency, they can trigger the SOS button warning in time to give the child more security.

2, two-way call - intelligent positioning children's watch with two-way call function, not only help you monitor the safety of children, but also allows you to communicate with your child at any time through the watch phone, share the baby's mood, strengthen the interaction between parents and children, let the children fall in love with parents Share the inner world.

3, triple precision positioning - the world's top positioning system, GPS, AGPS, LBS powerful triple positioning function.

4, Bluetooth anti-lost - turn on the Bluetooth anti-lost function, whether it is a park or a crowd of shopping malls, your child will be alerted if the child exceeds the Bluetooth safe distance, your phone will immediately receive an alarm from the watch, and then Don't worry about losing your child, it is safer and more worry-free to travel with your child.

5, electronic security fence, intelligent warning - you can preset the child's activity area on the map of the mobile phone customer service, once the child walks out of the preset area will trigger an alarm and notify you through the mobile phone customer service.

6, the watch off alarm - children's watches equipped with optical sensors, as long as the watch is taken down will immediately send an alarm notification to the APP customer service, to give children a layer of security protection.

7, rest assured safety - sleep monitoring + tamper alarm + motion monitoring. Smart watch kids Smart watch kids will also like this novelty gift.

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